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DSP for Beginners: Simple Explanations for Complex Numbers! The second edition includes a new chapter on complex sinusoids.

The Brand New Wave Walker DSP eBook!
March 21, 2022

The DSP eBook is on Amazon!

Update! The eBook is #1 New Release in Signal Processing on Amazon!

Currently the #1 New Release in Signal Processing!
Currently the #1 New Release in Signal Processing!

I wrote a DSP eBook! It covers an introduction to complex numbers, why they are important to DSP and simple explanations for the geometry and trigonometry applied to complex numbers.

“Foundations of Digital Signal Processing: Complex Numbers” is a great introductory eBook for understanding the basic mathematics behind complex numbers!

Check out the DSP eBook on Amazon!
Check out the DSP eBook on Amazon!

This book answers the following questions and many others:

  • Why are complex numbers used in DSP?
  • Why does Euler’s formula use cosine and sine?
  • Why are Cartesian form and Polar form complex numbers needed?
  • Why does geometry and trigonometry apply to complex numbers?
  • Why are radians used for angles?

The book also includes simple derivations for:

  • Deriving Euler’s formula
  • Taking the derivative of cosine and sine
  • Proving the phase relationship between cosine and sine

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