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DSP Algorithms for RF Systems

Figure 2: The periodicity of a complex sinusoid can be seen easier in three dimensions.

Why Does the DFT Need Windowing Functions?

Introduction The blog describes why windowing functions are needed in spectral analysis! This blog uses the Fourier Transform as a Cross-Correlation as a foundation and

The Value of Internships

Introduction Internships are an incredible way to gain experience and insight into industry while you are still in school. Read on to discover why internships

Figure 3: Increasing the delay M increases the number of teeth in the comb filter and reduces their width. Note that the magnitude has been normalized to 0 dB gain at omega=0.

Comb Filter Introduction and Analysis

Introduction A comb filter is a multiplier-less filter, meaning it only uses additions when computing the impulse response. The comb filter is one of the

Figure 1: Magnitude of the frequency response for the band pass single pole IIR filter.

Band Pass Single Pole IIR Filter Design

Introduction A low-pass single pole infinite impulse response (IIR) filter is transformed into a band pass filter using simple mathematics! A previous blog described the

Figure 2: Complex frequency shifting can result in aliasing if the frequency response overlaps the half sampling rate.

Complex Frequency Shifting in Discrete Time

Introduction Complex frequency shifting is the process of shifting a signal’s frequency response in the frequency domain. This blog describes how to apply complex frequency

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