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New GNU Radio Beginner Tutorials!
February 2, 2022

The new GNU Radio Tutorials are live! Check them out here: https://wiki.gnuradio.org/index.php?title=Tutorials

A big thank you to NumFOCUS for sponsoring the work and to Marc Lichtman and GNU Radio for their support along the way!

The tutorials walk a new user through starting the GUI editor and creating a simple flowgraph, all the way up to creating custom blocks and using tags and message passing.

I’d like to create follow-up tutorials that the GNU Radio community needs so please send me any feedback you have! Either leave a comment below or email me matt@wavewalkerdsp.com.

Here are some questions to help spark your creativity:

New GNU Radio Beginner Tutorials
New GNU Radio Beginner Tutorials
  • Do you have ideas for future tutorials you’d like to see made?
  • What doesn’t make sense in GNU Radio, or what is hard to understand?
  • Where are the sticking points? What is hard to remember?
  • What is hard to use?
  • Are there any points in the current tutorials you’d like to see in more detail?
  • What would you change about the tutorials?

You can access the tutorials based on the Tutorials link on the left hand sidebar of the GNU Radio wiki, highlighted in red below:

New GNU Radio Tutorial Landing Page
A new landing page for the GNU Radio tutorials

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