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WP QuickLaTeX for Running LaTeX on WordPress
August 31, 2021

Installing and operating WP QuickLaTex was quite puzzling for me, I hope the following instructions are useful!

In WordPress, go to the control panel and select Plugins, Then Add New:

Search for WP QuickLatex, then click Install and Activate:

Then click QuickLatex in the WordPress control panel:

Click the Advanced tab and select Use LaTex Syntax Sitewide:

Then click Update QuickLaTeX Settings:

Click the Advanced tab and select PNG from the Image Format drop down:

Then click Update QuickLaTeX Settings:

You can now use LaTeX formatting! I have had problems with Elementor when using inline math in dollar-signs, $ … $, but you can use \ ( … \ ) instead, just be sure to remove the spaces between \ and (:

\ ( y = ax^2 \ )

y = ax^2

You can also use  latex notation such as double-dollar signs $$ … $$,

$$x[n] = e^{j\theta}$$

    \[x[n] = e^{j\theta}\]

as well as begin{equation} … end{equation}, just remove the space between \ and begin and end:

\ begin{equation}
y[n] = 0.9x[n] + 0.1y[n-1]
\ end{equation}

(1)   \begin{equation*}y[n] = 0.9x[n] + 0.1y[n-1]\end{equation*}

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